Principal Investigator

Dr. Qi Li

Qi Li obtained her B.A. in Physics from Carleton College, Minnesota (Summa cum laude) in 2011 and Ph.D. degree from Princeton University in Civil and Environmental Engienering (CEE) in 2016. She joined the subfield of Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology at Cornell CEE as an assistant professor in 2018.

Li is interested in the fluid dynamics, heat transfer and hydrologic processes in the built environment. She develops and applies numerical models to study how the built environment impacts the land-atmosphere interactions at multiple temporal and spatial scales. Her approach includes both high-performance computing (large-eddy simulations and direct numerical simulations) and field experiment data to develop a physical understanding of the transport of momentum, energy and mass in the built environment. Examples of her current research topics are improving the representations of urban areas in regional weather models and dispersion modeling with improved urban micrometeorological component.


Current Students

Yuanfeng Cui

Yuanfeng completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China and joined Cornell as a graduate student in 2019. Yuanfeng is interested in numerical simulations of mass and heat transfer in the atmospheric boundary layer and he is eager to find out more.

Yanle Lu

Yanle completed her B.A. in Atmospheric Science from Nanjing University, and started at Cornell as a graduate student in 2018. Yanle is interested in the fluid dynamics, tracer dispersion and heat transfer in urban environment. Her current research topics are predictability of dispersion in the surface layer over urban environment and the representation of convective heat transfer in urban canopy models.

Ellie Month

Ellie is a junior majoring in Biological and Environmental Engineering. She joined the lab as an undergraduate research assistant. Ellie is interested in modeling building materials’ conductive properties to determine the importance of thermal diodes to green infrastructure and analyzing the Cornell campus building energy use data.

Zhou Yu

Zhou obtained his M.S. degree in Regional Science from Cornell Planning. He joined the lab as a research intern in 2019. Zhou is interested in general fields of environmental science, engineering and urban planning. He is currently working on modeling impact of human activities on the thermal environment in cities.